Casting Director Heather Heinz
Casting Director Heather Heinz
Heather Heinz is experienced in selecting the most appropriate talent for the roles your production requires. From non-union talent, to Union talent, we are ready to secure the necessary principals and extras for your productions large or small.

Heather Heinz Casting provides years of experience in the talent selection process. From pre-screening to the actual audition, we provide all the required services to make talent auditions run smoothly.

An organized environment with the staff and equipment you need to complete the task with both economics and artistic requirements satisfied. It is our job to provide the best local, regional, or national talent available. The session will be designed to fulfill your production requirements even if you are unable to attend.

Casting and talent fees vary depending upon a variety of factors. Union or nonunion, client usage, speaking or non speaking roles, principal or extra? Heather Heinz Casting will find the talent for you based on your budget and terms.

contact us for additional information on our 2 unique casting services, and talent fees.
Heather Heinz and her team managed a very challenging non-traditional casting assignment for me.

I was producing a series of videos for the US Army and needed to find/film testimonials from 10 Army veterans for an AOL micro-site called "Army Lifelong Success."

The Army provided us with an approved list of hundreds of real-life veterans all over the country and it was Heather's task to contact these veterans, screen them, obtain photos and/or video samples and submit them for client review.

It was a highly sensitive, time-consuming process – and the result was a huge success as we profiled 10 superb, diverse veterans – and the US Army was enormously pleased with the final videos.

Big thanks to Heather and her wonderful team!
WILLIAM WIEGMAN Producer | StudioNow
Heather has cast
• McDonalds
• Universal Orlando, Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon
• Brighthouse Spectrum
• Ebay - Golf Channel
• The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon
• Bank of America
• Universal Volcano Bay
• PGA Super store
• Plus many more!
Heather has cast
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